Weird Racing Sports for Engineers

In the world of weird sports, there has always been a lean toward the artistic and engineering side of humanity. After all, going faster than ever with the help of a machine often means lots of calculations. One only needs to review the work of Leonardo Davinci to see that inventing strange contraptions is a key to the future. For example, Davinci’s flying man invention combined science, art, and athleticism and was the forerunner to the Wright brother’s airplane.

While these athletic engineers have always gotten a lot of snickers, from the Wii to the Segway, mathletes are still changing the world for the better one weird racing sport at a time.

History of weird engineering sports

Most people do not put engineering together with sports at first, it is a common combination. In the U.K., there is even a center for engineering in sports that measures the physics behind all forms of athleticism. Although most NASCAR spectators are not big on science, the craft behind their favorite sport is dependent on engineers.

If you are wondering where the world finds all of these inventions to turn into weird sports, there are three places you should check. First, the Swedish Inventors’ Association (SUF) is the world’s oldest inventor association and Sweden’s only national professional organization for inventors. In the U.S., there is the Minnesota Inventor’s Congress. Finally, claimimg to be the oldest inventor’s convention, there is also the iENA Nuremberg is a trade show for inventors held each year in Germany.

Racing engineered art sculptures

Each year, the citizens of Humboldt County in Northern California get together to host a combination art and engineering sporting event. While the definition of kinetic is science-related and involves energy produced by a thing in motion, the only thing most people know about the Kinetic Grand Championship is that is a race for weird sports inventions.

Composed from junk, the website associated with these kinetic art sculptures requires them to be all-terrain and human-powered. While it is not required, most contestants since 1969 have ensured that their kinetic contestants have strange moving parts such as open mouths, winking eyes, and a head. Winners of each year’s competition travel 42 miles over 3 days and can win trophies for categories such as best bribe.

Woz Segway polo challenge cup

As if the Segway is not strange enough, there is also clothed and unclothed Segway racing and Segway polo. Championed by some of the top nerds in the nation, these Segway sports are commonly found in Silicon Valley. Topping the list of mathletes that participate in these sports is the recently departed Steve Jobs (Wozniak). Named after Jobs, the Woz Challenge Cup for Segway polo will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. There, Jobs’ former team the Silicon Valley Aftershocks, will play up to 16 other worldwide teams.

The Leaf of motorcycles

Do you love NASCAR and the Moto Grand Prix? For those that want a non-petroleum based way to enjoy racing, sustainable science has found the answer. Now that electric cars like the Nissan Leaf are starting to debut on the track, the only problem remaining was the electric motorcycle.

For this reason, Portland, Oregon’s Mike Czysz has become well noted for his electric racing bike called the MotoCzysz. While there is currently no MotoCzysz championship, this motorcycle hopes to become a part of the American Motorcycle Association races like the Superbike World Championship. Currently, this company’s racing endeavors are sponsored by the Segway Racing team.

Race for the future

When science and inventors engineer weird devices that are sporty, no one ever dreams that they will become the successful object of athleticism. However, objects like the Segway should indicate that other weird sports are on the horizon. When reviewing other sporty inventions, possibilities that are in the running appear to be buggy rollin, the personal hovercraft, and the sideways bicycle.

No matter what your ambitions may be, there is one competition that takes almost every invention into consideration—as long as it is eco-friendly and not solar powered. While your patent is pending, try entering and winning Whiting, Indiana’s Alternative Energy Initiative Race. This competition definitely includes many strange looking crafts but includes a top prize for $7000 that has winners laughing all the way to the bank.

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