Weird Ice and Hockey Sports

When it is time to play hockey, many NHL events are disrupted by fans throwing weird stuff on to the rink. In the past, beef, octopuses, rubber snakes, and paper airplanes have all made the game impossible to start. While these are definitely odd events that have happened at hockey games, they are not the only strange ice and hockey-related sports phenomena.

Ice making sports

Each winter, people that live in climates that maintain freezing temperatures have the option of using a common garden hose to create a sculpture. Sometimes referred to as an ice tower, making an ice monster is both beautiful and dangerous. Unfortunately, a child or dog can run into your ice monster creation and loosen one of the icicles. In addition, being speared by falling ice is definitely something that can happen when the ice monster slowly melts.

However, by hanging a slow dripping garden hose high up in a tree, you can enter Craig Wieland’s ice monster competition in Michigan. If you consider yourself an ice artist, you can draw inspiration from the ice tower projects by John Reeves. Despite the weirdness involved in ice related sports like ice sculpture making or ice block building, none of these can hardly be called athletic.

Alternative ice sports

For years, people have been making fun of Canada’s favorite icy surface sport called curling. While moving a huge black stone with brooms is clearly an eyebrow raiser, other ice-related sports are much more shocking. For example, ice climbing and climbing ropes covered in ice are both dangerous and odd. Another ice sports that seem to defy common sense is ice fishing.

Despite this, ice climbing and ice fishing all have world cup championships. Ice fishing obviously has a lake involved, but ice climbing rips up the book on the laws of normalcy by taking place in iced-over multi-story car park garage.

Weird hockey sports

Ice roller derby is almost normal compared to the variations in hockey. Currently, there are four types that get a lot of notice. While all of them are weird, each has an official nationalized competition attached to it. Of course, ringette and bandy are simply hockey with different rules, types of sticks, and pucks. In addition, ice sledge hockey is merely hockey adapted for the disabled and is played at the Paralympic Olympics.

On the other hand, octopush or underwater ice hockey is truly both weird and a sport. It is also challenged as one of the most dangerous games ever invented. However, by donning a snorkel mask, a new weird sport that uses the bottom of a swimming pool was born. Although it is relatively new in the world of athleticism, there are world championships being played all over the world. Naturally, the main problem that players can face is getting so wrapped up in the game that they forget to come up for air.

If you are looking for a way to be weird in an icy way without the threat of death, consider driving around on a Zamboni or buying the whole family a set of off the ice skates. Also called carpet skates, they are touted in the U.K. as a great way to get in extra fitness—all while looking totally strange.

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