7 Weird Sports: Unusual Sports from Around the World

Every culture has their own games, which other cultures view as weird sports. Here are seven weird sports from around the world.

Weird Sport from Scotland: Caber Toss

The Caber Toss is an ancient Scottish game. In this unusual sport, participants attempt to throw a large wood object as far as they can. Being fairly primitive, the official rules state the caber is of, “No standard size or weight.” It is usually log shaped, heavy and weighted at one end. Throwing the caber is typically accompanies with grunts that make NFL players sound weak.

Weird Sport from Turkey: Camel Wrestling

Another ancient, unusual sport, Camel Wrestling’s popularity is increasing. The largest competition, which is held at Ephesus annually, draws thousands of spectators. People come to watch two male camels wrestle each other over a female. Often, the sport is more humorous than vicious, as camels are not great wrestlers. They even have been known to become disinterested and walk away.

Weird Sport from Wales: Man vs. Horse Marathon

This “marathon” is actually 22 miles, not 26.2. During a drunken argument in Llanwtyrd, Wales, running was changed into an unusual sport. In this cross-country race, people race against horses. Started in 1981, a human runner did not win until 2004. In the mean time, people have been allowed to use bicycles to make it fair.

Weird Sport from England: Cheese Rolling

At least since WWII, people have been running after cheese in the unusual sport of Cheese Rolling. Every year, a wheel of cheese is rolled down Coppers Hill. The hill is, “Very rough and uneven and it is almost impossible to remain on foot for the descent.” As people race down, the first one to reach the cheese wins it. Today, a 7-8 lb. Double Gloucester is used, but a 40 lb. Cheddar has been used.

Another Weird Sport from England: Shin Kicking

To prepare for the unusual sport of shin kicking, people stuff straw down their pant legs. Then, they stand head-to-head and kick one another’s shins. Knocking an opponent to the ground in pain is worth a point, and the person with the most points after three rounds wins.

Weird Sport from the U.S.: Octopus Wrestling

Today, Octopus Wrestling is an illegal, unusual sport. However, the World Championships used to be held in Tacoma, Washington. Teams of divers would work together “wrestling” an octopus. They would detach the creature’s suction cups and disentangle its arms. Once the octopus was brought to the surface, it would be weighed. The heaviest octopus won. Now it is illegal to “molest” or “harass” an octopus in Washington.

Weird Sport from Finland: Wife Carrying

In this unusual sport, husbands carry their wives through an obstacle course. The first couple to reach the finish won. Major competitions are now held in Finland, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Some of these weird sports have been around for centuries. Others are only decades old. The world will never stop inventing weird sports.

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