5 Most Useless Things Guys Can Say To A Girl

5 Most Useless Things Guys Can Say To A GirlEither on a date or whatever. If you’ve heard worse send a response! :)

12 Responses to “5 Most Useless Things Guys Can Say To A Girl”

  1. BboySuperFreeze says:

    I asked a girl to an anime convention, Matsuri in Texas as our first date and the ticket was 30 for her and 30 for me. I payed without hesitation. That’s how you do it.

  2. oacmre says:

    This is the stupidest advice video ever and pointless , if those guys said that to u is because they don’t really like u
    Ps; u dont have to be a materialistic bitch the first date , u know

  3. 1streadthis says:

    shes crying ;(

  4. darksoul3100 says:

    putterfish if u read this 3: = not for guys only… u girls are the real problem.,. my ex lived 5 min from me and she didnt had time not even 1 hour -_- we see eachiother ones a week to consider number 3: pointed to u as fault got it no-lifer

  5. Msperez723 says:

    Thank you this helps. Some guy told me a few of these things.

  6. salmonius0864 says:

    Competition between you and the ex, only if she is a dog, cause you are ugly

  7. SabrinaVioletmeadow says:

    good advice (at least i think its advice) now i know what to hear out for my bf to say

  8. jayden385 says:

    i 4ght YOU said u had a girlfriend lol

  9. grlzgcrzy4me says:

    @bertini51 yea and i sense some mispelling

  10. Joedermas says:

    yaap dats cul stuffs

  11. pacman86mx says:

    Most Useless Thing a Gal Can Say To Guys= 5 Most Useless Things Guys Can Say To A Girl

  12. ultimategoobah says:

    wtf are you on about? All of these statements reveal something about the speaker. How is that useless?

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